About Us

A seed library offers a simple means of preserving, diversifying and sharing seeds. Our goal is to educate gardeners on the process and importance of saving seeds.

When you’re ready to plant something new in your garden, borrow seeds from the library – FOR FREE! It doesn’t cost anything to be a member or to borrow seeds. Member seed donations keep the library stocked for the next season. We encourage gardeners to grow plants from a few home-saved seeds, but to support our professional, bio-regional seed companies and your local nursery for most of your gardening seed needs.

If you want to help keep the lending library stocked, pick a variety or two of your plants and let them mature all the way to seed production.  Then bring some of your saved seeds back to the library, and we can keep the cycle going!

If you have never saved seeds before, we can help you learn about which kinds of seeds are easy to save and which ones are a bit more difficult. See our Resources page, browse our How to Save tutorials, and watch for upcoming workshops and other Events.

Find a King County Seed Lending Library location.